Photograph of my footprint in the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert - M-J L. Adelman

Travel Photography

Greetings! Since its creation in 2000, aLeoPics has been a travel site offered for enjoyment and educational purposes in hopes that others will learn a bit about other countries and cultures - and perhaps - be encouraged to journey there.

The travel section will remain and continue to grow as time permits, travel continues and interest is sustained.

I invite you to select an area of interest and enjoy!


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Photographs of Butterflies
"Blue Clipper" and "Common Buckeye"

All the photographs (with the exception of the few so designated in the Travel Section) were taken by and are the property of M-J L. Adelman, right, aLeoPics Travel Photography.

The photos are not to be reproduced, in any form, without express permission. For permission to reproduce an image from the travel section and/or to purchase a print, please send an e-mail to aLeoPics.

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Photo taken by Neale Castelino on recent trip to Alaska.