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  Amazon Rainforest, Iquitos, Peru


Viewed from the air, Peruís Amazon Rainforest looks incredibly dense and endless. But, you can't truly appreciate the lushness of the rainforest until you taken the 1,640-foot Canopy Walkway strung 120 feet above the forest floor.

And, the only way get into there is to take a boat ride on the famous Amazon River. What was a great thrill for me, is routine to folks that live there — it is their sole means of transportation.

The Amazon shores are lined with beautiful trees and bushes. In fact, where ever you go you are greeted with the most incredible flowers. There are hundreds of species of red-flowered, passion vines; bright yellow wild senna grows along the shores, and bromeliads grow on the ground, on branches and on the tops of the trees.

Is it any wonder that this area claims the highest species diversity in the world.