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Cambodia - An ancient civilization with an emerging sense of hope

At the top of many traveler's wish list are the Khmer ruins in the Angkor Wat Archelogical Site. The temples represent one of humankindís most astonishing and enduring architectural achievements.

But, there is so much more to Cambodia. To see the Khmer ruins without putting them in the context of the Cambodian culture is to miss the significance the ancient culture and beliefs have in the lives of the people living in Cambodia today.

The link between the ancient and the modern culture can be seen most predominately in art and entertainment. The ancient stories are told in shadow puppet theatre and the style and grace of today's Aspara dancers is equal to those so revered in the multitude of sculptures and bas-reliefs decorating the temples in Angkor.

I invite you to see a little of what Cambodia has to offer. I have created a series of slide presentations from the photographs I took while visiting Cambodia in October, 2006.

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