Egypt 2004

After a two-week photographic tour of Egypt, with an occasion to spend a few days in Cairo separate from the tour, it was clear that this wasn't enough time.

I felt that I had experienced only a taste of what this country has to offer - there certainly was not sufficient time to truly visit the ancient cities and sites.

For example, I had to make a choice between photographing the well-known architectural exteriors of the pyramids, or forego the opportunity and venture inside, where often photographing was not permitted. I choose to remain outside, but as a result, with regret, I did not see the interiors of the pyramids and the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and Queens. Will I return someday and make a point of visiting the interiors? Absolutely!

For now, I am satisfied to be able to offer images of many of the well-known and historic sites. To begin, I have added images of Cairo and sites around Cairo, including the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx.


Sphinx with Pyramid of Khafre in background