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Links I hope you will find the links on this page helpful. My recommendations are a result of my having used the services, found the information to be a good resource, felt the content of the site may assist other travelers or photographers, or an item or product that benefits a community.
Travel Links
Photography Tours in India Neville Bulsara Photography Tours: Neville conducts specialized small-group Travel and Cultural Photography Workshops, Photo Tours and Expeditions in India which are the ideal platform for the discerning travel and cultural photographer who wishes to experience India at its photographic best.
Neville conducts two types of photography trips to India: private customized photo tours and workshops and scheduled group photo trips.
Unique Travel Experience Asian Experience: Ready for an adventure? Consider taking a tour with John — Australia's first motor bike tour operator. Most tours are on motor bikes which allow travelers to become more familiar with the people, scenery and customs of the country being visited. You do not have to be a diehard motorbiker to participate. This year John has tours traveling in Vietnam, India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.
South America Travelers HostelTrail is a Latin American hostel network that provides up-to-date information for backpackers and independent travellers. With contributors from around the world, this an online network of South American hostels and tour companies is a dynamic, work-in-progress.
Community Links

"Mommy vs The Monster" by Bryande A. Murray

Bryande wrote this book for her mother and others who have fought or are fighting cancer. She hopes that it will give courage and strength to them, and shed some light on what a child's perspective is on such a terrible disease.

"Mommy vs. the Monster is an inspiring and fun book. Its delightful story and pictures will be a source of strength to all women fighting breast cancer. Women will see themselves as the triumphant heroes in their own tale."
James Dongweck, Author, The Dragon Cant

"Mommy vs. the Monster is a terrific resource for children coping with a variety of emotional issues associated with traumatic life events. Although it is intended to aid the understanding of children of parents with breast cancer, it can prove to be a beneficial developmental tool for parents in other areas as well."
Dr. Harold A. Litardo, PhD Psychology