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Mandala Sand Painting - Ritual

Closing Ceremony

When the mandala has been completed and its purpose served, the time for dismantling arrives. Before the mandala is dismantled, the monks conscecrate the mandalas through chants and music.


Intially, the elder monk ritually sweeps the sands from each of the four navigational directions into the center with his fingers of and while holding a "dija" in his right hand. The --- bell is held in his left hand.

The sands are swept from the outside toward the center, thus symbolizing he impermanence of all that exists — how in old age and at the time of death everything once more returns to the primordial source at the center of the heart —the ultimate voidness natural of phenomena ... how all things come out of nothingness and eventually return to it.

Sharing of Blessings

The sands are taken from the center pyramid and divided:

Dispersing the Energies

The sand is carried by a monk in a procession of monks and guests to a flowing body of water where it is, preceeded by another traditional ceremony, poured into the water.

Pouring the sands into a body of water, which by nature is connected to all the waters of the world, symbolizes the dedication of positive energies generated during the mandala process to universal goodness and spreads the healing energies of the mandala throughout the world.