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Lhasa, Capital of Tibet

In October, 2000, I had the unique opportunity to spend a five days in the "City of the Sun," the ancient city of Lhasa.

The flight over the Himalayan mountains — the roof of the world — was breathtaking. After landing, we were treated to views of a truly unique landscape as our bus wended its way around a lake to finally reach Lhasa, the capital of Tibet and the home of the Potala Palace.

Mandala Sand Painting

In January, 2003, I was permitted to photograph "The Creation of a Mandala".

The Arts Center of the Capital Region, had the insight to bring the "Mystical Arts of Tibet" tour to Troy, New York. The tour consisted of a 10 Tibetan lamas from the Drepung Loseling Monastery who spent three days sharing their enlightenment and constructed a five-foot by five-foot mandala under the watchful eyes of the community. The Center's personnel were kind enough to allow me to photograph the event, for which I will always be greatful..

Prior to 1959 the Drepung Loseling Monastery was the largest monastery in Tibet with about 10,000 monks. After the invasion by Communist Chinese troops in 1959, the monks fled to India.

In 1991 friends of the Drepung Loseling established a headquarters for the monastery in Atlanta, Georgia. The monastery is affilliated with Emory University.

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